Friday, 29 June 2012

Romayne and Will for Green Leadership

Romayne and Will for Green Leadership

Two excellent ecosocialists standing for leader and Deputy leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

They will be running a joint campaign. This is a great idea, and as they explain on their page - their strengths and different approaches will complement each other.

Romayne will be a great Leader, and help us to capitalise on the success and popularity of Caroline Lucas.

Caroline has been unashamed in fighting for a left alternative to neo-liberalism; in the electoral realm and in extra-parliamentary activism. Its all to easy for those on the Left to start to self-censor and water down their message.

Caroline stuck to her principles, and the GPEW saw great increases in its support.

Romayne, as Chair of The Coallition of Resistance has shown she can unite those on the left in a crucial battle against the mistaken and unjust policies of austerity from the ConDems.

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